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As a coach, these training programs will be designed to best develop your athletes based on:

  • Development (age, skill level, drill knowledge, etc)
  • Equipment Accessibility (types of balls, bounce back, hitting screens, etc)
  • Spatial Restraints (backyard space, neighbors, garage, etc)​

After our initial virtual meeting:

  • I will provide a detailed program that can be printed out for the athlete to reference and maintain a daily log
  • I will be able to answer any questions or concerns you or your player may have as they run through the outlined program

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PC Baseball 

​​In an effort to provide quality instruction and necessary at-home training, I will be offering virtual meetings with your ballplayers to provide individualized programming based on what you have accessible at and around your house.

I know all of us baseball families were extremely bummed when our spring seasons were cancelled and also imagine that our players may be getting into a rut of doing the same workout or drills over and over. I’d like to facilitate in helping your ballplayer stay motivated, develop their skills, progress drills, and provide fun games and activities. My main goal with these sessions is to provide your players the confidence to train on their own so they don’t always need a coach, parent, or team to motivate them along the way.

As a parent, these training programs will be designed to provide:

  • Programming to get your athlete outside
  • Independent training ideas
  • New drill instruction
  • Accountability 

Virtual Training Sessions

Individualized Programming


At-Home Training

Complete Baseball and Softball Coaching 

What the virtual meeting will look like:

  1. I will chat with your ballplayer and see how their current training is going 
  2. The player will show me what equipment they have access to and what their training space looks like.
  3. Determine goals based on different skills: throwing, hitting, fielding, & conditioning
  4. I will observe and instruct mechanical adjustments in their training environment
  5. Introduce drills and games that will self-motivate the athlete to train on their own

Additional Options:

  • Provide a virtual coaching session along with your athlete to provide additional instruction
  • Redevelop the programming to adjust based on skill progression and to provide variability in training


Initial Virtual Meeting & Programming


Additional Virtual Coaching Sessions (30mins)